Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What´s a Foreign Securities Holding Companies???

Our lawyers told you about investing in Spain in our former post here. Today we tell more on ETVE, the Spanish name for the Foreign Securities Holding Companies, with a special privileges… We are experts in corporate and business law, and we are more than happy to help you to achieve success in Spain and LATAM.

Once you face an investment in Spain, it is more than advisable to pay attention to the benefits of setting up a ETVE (Foreign Securities Holding Companies)

This kind of Spanish companies benefit from a Special Tax Regime applicable to Holding companies and are ellegible to exemption on taxation on paid-in dividends, on paid-in capital gains and on paid-out dividends/gains.

Besides, this kind of companies are very interesting to European companies in order to manage their investments in LATAM and other countries, as the regime is fully applicable to investments worldwide.

Let our lawyers to know from you and we will be able to advise about the proper and safer way to channel investments.

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