Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Challenges & Benefits of investing in Spain

Now our lawyers want to bring the attention to benefits for exporting to Spain, which should be considered by British entrepreneurs thinking to do so:

First, Spain is the natural European gate to Latin America. Evolutiza Lawyers & Tax Advisors is highly well-known and renowed in LATAM. You can find more info on our LATAM practice in our Latinoamerica blog, here.
Second, Spain´s size of the market is big. Definitely you can get an overview on it here.

Third, English is the business language. So no major drama for speaking in you mother tongue.

Fourth, Spaniards are open-minded to British products and British way of being.
Fifth, two hour away by plane. Definitely very close.

Besides, it is worth mentioning the strengths of the Spanish market, as competitive cost of transport of goods, highly efficient transportation systems, quality and availability of qualified suppliers and advanced ICT network.

On the other hand, doing business in Spain does not present major challenges to UK companies as Spain is a similar market to the UK, according to gov.uk information.

The Spanish economy is based on open market: no restrictions to foreign companies. Notwithstanding, maybe some issues should be considered in advance and probably you will need some legal advice on them, as:  long payment terms, over 90 days are usual, harder labour market (with more rights and benefits for employees) than UK´s. These, together to others, may make advisable to be very well adviced. Our lawyers can lead you successfully on all legal and tax issues in Spain.

Lastly, the Latin American countries are Spains second largest export market. Spain is also the second most important investor in Latin America. Many Spanish companies have large distribution capabilities in the region and the legal framework is similar in most businesses aspects. As result, Spanish companies and/or be based in Spain is a competitive advantage to UK companies willing to go across the pont.

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