Thursday, July 14, 2016

Spanish Real Estate Re-awakeness

Real Estate is most important economical activity in Spain. Even during worst moment in crisis the Spanish sector was a quarter of whole EU Real Estate market. Indeed Spain is a big country, the second EU in motorway kilometers and the first EU country in high-speed trains, as evidences of the level in infrastructures.

Spanish Real Estate market is consolidating its recovery in housing and a clearly bullish commercial and logistic segment.

According to financial sector forecast, demand on housing will keep on growing till 420K to 450K in 2016 and 2017, in a white on black comparison to the precedent year 2015 (367K).

A mix of a higher demand and a limited offer in big cities will allow an upturn of prices in following years.

Indeed, 2015 left us some good vibrations, as growing demand second consecutive year, in all territories across the country and reached an important milestone: for first time since 2010 which sales overcome 400K.

A expansive economical cycle with the improvement of unemployment ratios, finance cost very reduced and profitability in comparison to other alternative investments together to a cultural tendence to buy properties, make us think that Real Estate is in a good moment to come to invest in.

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