Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Labour law in Spain, walking to the stability

Throughtout the year the Government made efforts to fix a framework in order to solve the high rate of unemployment, creating a flexible system and paying attention at the same time to the needs of businesses and workers . Our lawyers can tell you a bit of that:

Thus, we find innovations regarding Social Safety:
  • Implementation of the new system of charging and collecting of contributions to Social Safety (Sistema Cret@). Act 34/2014, of 26 December, replacing the current model of self-assessment for direct payment model (or billing)
  • Extension of the "flat rate" of contributions to social safety for workers hired indefinitely.
  • Changes in contributions. They establish a maximum and minimum for each social security schemes. Regarding the  maximum contribution bases in general scheme, it is establish a maximum and the minimum is increased compared to 2014.

Besides, the Executive-Law 1107/2014 of 26 December, in line with the State Budget for 2015, a general revaluation of 0.25% for all Social Security pension is fixed. On laboral conditions, it is worth mentioning that the parental leave is extended to four weeks.

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